Case Study 1 – Emergency Shutdown Valves


EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN VALVES (ESD) Project: Longford Gas Conditioning Plant End User: Esso Australia Main Contractor: CBI Constructors Pty Ltd (CBI) Year 2014 - Esso Australia development of their Gas Conditioning Plant at its existing Longford facilities in Victoria called the Kipper Tuna Turrum (KTT) project. Application: Emergency shutdown valves were required in Class 1, Division 1 or 2, Group D hazardous area Scope of Supply: 1 off 16” and 1 off 12” Trunnion mounted Ball valves, ANSI Class 300#, Body Material: ASTM A350 LF2, Ball: ENP + tungsten carbide coated, Stem: AISI 4140 + 0.003” ENP coated, Seats: A182 F316 tungsten carbide coated Rotork GP series Spring Return Pneumatic Actuators, painted red, actuators sized at 195% of valve base torque Accessories: Valve Panel:- All stainless steel components:  Westlock position monitor IECEx certified, ASCO  solenoid valve Ex me, relief valve, Conant manual close hand valve, Conant solenoid bypass valve c/w Ex ia limit switch, filter regulator, gauges, check valves, swagelock fittings and tubing ½” OD Quick Exhaust Panel:- All stainless steel components including:- 2 x quick exhaust valves, exhaust silencers, check valve, swagelock fittings and tubing ½” OD Summary: Emergency shutdown valves are the final defence against process misreactions. ESD valves have a function which requires much more reliable performance than standard remotely operated on/off valves. These ESD valves above were connected to a PLC with sensors forming a safety loop. Whenever sensors identify an abnormal process situation the PLC disconnects the power to the solenoid valve and the ESD valve goes to desired fail safe mode. The closing speed can be vital. These ESD’s were specified to begin movement within 10 seconds of activation and complete their movement in an additional maximum of 2 seconds per inch of valve bore.

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