Case Study 3 – Closed Loop Air System


ON/OFF BALL VALVES WITH CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM FOR CORROSIVE ENVIRONMENTS ON/OFF Ball valves for corrosive environments Application: Valve Distributors have supplied hundreds of ON/OFF Ball valves to plants in Australia which are located in corrosive environments and where contaminants are present in the atmosphere, namely salt. Scope of Supply: Worcester Controls floating design ball valves, Class 150# & 300# Motivact Australia, Model: MVR series scotch yoke design pneumatic actuators ASCO Solenoid valves Closed Loop System all components in 316 Grade stainless steel: Flow regulator Check valve Quick exhaust valve (optional) 3/way solenoid valve Swagelock tubing & fittings Summary: In a normal ON/OFF valve set up when the solenoid valve is energised the instrument air strokes the piston across and idle air in the spring chamber is ported via the solenoid exhaust ports to atmosphere and vice versa when the spring is activated. In this type of system atmospheric air is sucked into the cylinder on each operation and cause corrosion to the springs and internal parts. In the worst of cases spring failure can cause serious damage to the plant and/or personnel. The closed loop system prevents any unwanted air from entering the cylinder and recirculates the clean/dried instrument air within the cylinder.

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