Case Study 2 – Pipeline Valves

Case Study 2 – Pipeline Valves



Project: Cocon 26 installations 2014 and onwards

End User: Jemena


Cocon 26 from Honeywell’s Gorter product line is an underground compact installation with filter, equipped for a supply pressure of up to 19 bar and a delivery pressure from 10 mbar upwards. It is particularly suited for use in urban areas.

Scope of Supply:

20 pieces DN150 outlet valves, API6D design trunnion mounted Ball valves, ANSI Class 150#, Body Material: ASTM A350 LF2 Class 1 (Painted with European standard underground coating), Ball & Stem: A182 F316, Seats: Nylon, butt weld ends sched 80 fitted with 300mm long pipe pups (4.8mm WT), bare stem with square drive adapters for T-Bar operation

Manufacturer: MSA — Czech Republic

Summary: MSA are the world leader in underground fully welded pipeline valves. Their Model K83 TW has been specifically designed and tested for underground service.

MSA Pipeline Gas Valves key features:

  • MSA only use European materials thus guarantee high quality MSA Ball valves are forged material. Forgings provide higher strength, better grain flow and fewer defects than castings All machining of components, assembly and testing is performed in house, no need for sub-contractors, provides complete control over quality and allows faster manufacturing lead times Special adjustment device is fitted as standard to all buried service valves which enables verification of the fully open/closed position, useful when replacing gearbox/actuator after installation Integral forged body covers can be supplied eliminated the need for weld on pups, no need for NDE testing, eliminates ovality allowing alignment into pipeline quickly and easily
  • MSA have developed a unique welding process to ensure 100% welding integrity of body and pup welds Special X-Ray testing process developed for fully welded ball valves by MSA Engineering at their Testing Laboratory. NDE is performed by MSA personnel qualified and certified to EN473

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