Habonim’s highly efficient products excel wherever small-footprint, light-weight, and low-torque valves are essential in the natural gas industry.

Habonim’s Fire Safe valves, which have up to Class 2500 (6000 psi) pressure rating, undergo strict testing that exceeds the required standards, with Habonim providing test certificates as required.

Rugged Valves for Extreme Environments 

  • Habonim’s valves address the extreme pressure and temperature conditions associated with the natural gas extraction process.
  • Innovative high-pressure valves with integral bypass that equalize pressure over the valve prior to opening the main line, thus avoiding valve stem torsion and pipe overstressing.
  • The Habonim trunnion mounted valve series can withstand temperatures as low as -60°C (-76°F) and gas line pressures of up to class 2500, both under- and above-ground.

Safety First – Emergency Shutdown
Habonim knows that safety is a top priority of the gas industry and offers robust, reliable solutions to shut down gas flow in the case of emergencies or system failures. Habonim’s Emergency Shut-Down (ESD) package is certified to work in a SIL3 loop, providing reliable and rapid closure of a gas line in the case of system malfunction.

Rapid and Total Discharge of CNG Pressure Vessels
The streamlined design of Habonim high pressure valves ensures rapid and total discharge of transportable compressed natural gas pressure vessels. A locking device prevents misuse or unintentional operation.

Efficient Loading/Unloading at CNG Fueling Stations
A full port, manifold design allows swift and efficient loading and unloading of compressed natural gas. With minimum leak paths and a lightweight compact design, it is the perfect solution for a confined cabinet space.