Pneumatic Actuators

Design: Double-Acting and Spring Return pneumatic actuators.

Typical Applications: Petrochemical, Chemical, Water and Sewage, Power and Mining.

Types: Rack and Pinion, Scotch Yoke and Pneumatic Cylinders.

Action: Quarter Turn and Linear.

Torque Output: 3 to 600,000 Nm.

Enclosures: Anodised Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic and Stainless Steel options available. Additional coatings available upon request.

Options: Limit Switchboxes, Positioners, Solenoids.

Brands:  Motivact, Habonim (CompAct 4) & Norbro.

Design Details: Pneumatic Actuators and Cylinders provide a multitude of options for all valve types and industries. These actuators provide an extensive torque range for all on/off and modulating applications for Quarter Turn and Linear action valves.