Line blinding has been used to pipe lines in various industries wherever either positive shutoff is most concerned or full flow should be achieved without pressure drop.
Line Blind
The usual practice for line blinding by using typical materials such as spectacle blinds, spool pieces, blind flange valves etc. with gaskets inserted between flanges has however been labour intensive &time consuming and thus resulted in making expense factors which include the time required for the blinding/de-blinding process, loss of productivity caused by long blinding time and also the operators of the production line have been unavoidably exposed to the potential hazard of explosion, fire, pollution and inhalation.
The unique and simple opening-closing mechanism of Line Blind Valve allow one person to blank or blind heavy pipe work with ease, rapidity and safety without any tools or hoisting apparatus etc.
Line Blind Valves are used for
- For safety in operation and maintenance
- For perfect isolation of pipe line
- For prevent product contamination
- For keeping vacuum condition
- Preventing environmental pollution
- In emergency for process problem, accident in line, shutdown of an equipment.