Electric Actuators

Design: Multi-Turn and Quarter Turn.

- IQ: Multi-Turn.
- IQM: Multi-Turn Modulating.
- IQT Pro: Quarter-Turn.
- ROM: Compact / Lightweight.
- CVA: Highly Accurate Linear and Rotary.

Typical Applications: Petrochemical, Chemical, Water and Sewage, Power and Mining.

Torque Output: 12 to 250,000 Nm (with gearbox)

Enclosures: Aluminium with polyester powder coating. Water and Dust tight to IP68 as standard. Hazardous Area, and Explosionproof options available. 2 pack epoxy coating available on request.

Voltage: Single Phase, Three Phase and DC supplies (24VDC, 240V and 415V)

Options: IS, IB or IW Gearbox, Manual Override, Modulating, Battery Failsafe, Pakscan Bus Control System, Multiple Bus Connectivity for: Profibus, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, Modbus and HART.

Brand: Rotork.

Design Details: The Rotork IQ (Multi-turn) and IQT (Quarter Turn) Electric Actuators provide a multitude of options for all valve types and industries. Rotork actuators and associated gearboxes provide an extensive torque range for all on/off, modulating and variable speed applications. Features include Digital, Analogue, or bus system remote control and status reporting. The actuators offer complete integrated motor control, wireless technology for simple set-up / adjustment and comprehensive software tools for plant records and valve performance analysis.
Some of benefits of the IQT include real-time valve and process data visible at the actuator or downloadable, simple and fast commissioning using a secure Bluetooth connection no cover removal required, outstanding environmental protection and optimum reliability through double-sealed protection - IP66/68 (7m 72hrs) and the actuator never loses position - even after loss of power, the latest valve position is retained using Rotork's patented absolute encoder.