ARMATURY Group – Welded Body Trunnion mounted Ball Valves

Brand: ARMATURY Group - Czech Republic

Design: Fully Welded Body. Typical Applications: Gas Pipeline. End Connections: Flanged or Welded. Pressure Class Range: ANSI Class 150 to 2500. Sizes: DN50 to DN1400 (2” to 56”). Body Materials: Cast and Forged - Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Exotics. Seat & Seal Materials: Virgin PTFE, Reinforced PTFE, Viton, PEEK, Nylon, Devlon and Metal. Accessories: Pup Ends, Vent and Drain Lines, Stem and Seat Sealant Injection Lines, Painting and Coating, Above and Below Ground Gearboxes, Actuators, Control Panels, Limit Switchboxes, Solenoids, Extensions and Special Adaptions. Quality: Pressure Tests - API 598, API 6D, Fire Tests - API 6FA, API 607. Standards: Design, Production and Testing: ASME, ANSI, API, and ASTM. Quality System: EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001:2004.  Trunnion mounted ball valves are designed in accordance with API6D. A trunnion ball valve has additional mechanical anchoring of the ball at the top and the bottom making them more suitable for larger and higher pressure pipelines. All valves are equipped with vent and drain lines (Double Block and Bleed), and sealant lines for both stem and seats to allow external intervention to prevent seat or stem leakage.