Water / Wastewater

Waterman sluice gates HvyDty11

Waterman Heavy Duty Sluice Gates

Waterman’s Series 5000, 7000, and 4000 Heavy Duty Sluice Gates are designed to meet or exceed AWWA specifications. They have been successfully used in a wide variety of applications, including municipal water works and treatment facilities, flood control projects, reservoirs and fish hatcheries.

They can be either fully self-contained or non-self-contained. These gates are typically made from Cast Iron, but can also be made from Ni-Resist. Seats, wedges, and fasteners can be made from 300-Series Stainless Steel, Naval Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Ni-Resist, or Low-Zinc Bronze. Email us for more information. 

Waterman canal gate c-101

Waterman Canal Gate Valve – C-10

Waterman’s line of canal gates, most specifically the C-10, is one of most popular products in both Agricultural and Wastewater applications. This gate is designed for use on canal and pipeline systems which operate at low seating “heads” and where a moderately priced gate is required. These are typically used for farm turnouts, control of industrial wastes, drainage, and tide control.C-10 Canal Gates are constructed from grey iron with an all-bolted steel frame with a minimum of ¼” thickness. The stem is made of special leaded steel to resist corrosion. They are available in sizes from 6” to 72” wide. Special options and materials are available. Email us for information. 

Slide Gate SR-5fy1-101x300

Waterman Fabricated Slide Gate Valves – R Series

Waterman R Series Slide Gates are custom fabricated following a standardized design to fit the exact requirements of most applications. The R Series Gates are manufactured from structural shapes and plates in a choice of materials, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Gates have a minimum member thickness of 10 ga. and the plates are reinforced or thickness is increased to meet the desired head conditions. Structural angles and flats are welded into a rigid guide rail frame to allow easy removal of the slide should repair be necessary. The R Series is known for its longevity in non-corrosive atmospheres. Almost any custom size is available. Email us for more information. 

rect butterfly VBG-1-191x300

Waterman Rectangular Butterfly Valve – VBG

Waterman VBG Rectangular Butterfly Valves are specifically designed and fabricated for their specific installation and function requirements. They are commonly used where low headroom prevents the use of conventional sluice gates and where flow regulating is a requirement, with applications including sewage treatment plants, water filtration projects, cooling tower basins, power plants, and many other water and flood control projects.

VBG Butterfly Valves are available in four-sided seating models for orifice or in-line mounting, and in three-sided channel mounted units. They are currently available in sizes 24” x 24” through 96”x96”. Larger and/or special sizing is available to meet specific project requirements. 

Mud Valve Mv-11

Waterman Mud Valve – MV11

Waterman Mud Valves (Plug Drain Valves) are designed for settling basin lines, waterworks, sewage treatment plants, and similar industrial applications where sedimentateous material must be flushed from the system. Email us for information. 

pressure slide gate P-30ff1-119x300

Waterman Pressure Slide Gate Valve – P-30-FF

Waterman’s model P-30-FF is a circular opening, circular flange back Pressure Slide Gate. It is used in water control applications where a rugged but economical circular opening gate is required, such as small reservoirs, distributing boxes, ponding areas, and pumping stations where fluid and operating conditions are only moderately severe and continuous throttling action is not anticipated.

The gate is provided with bronze seat faces and stem, and stainless steel assembly hardware for Sluice Gate type applications in water treatment facilities. It is an economical gate, ideally suited for effluent ponding installations, pumping stations, and distributing boxes. 

radial gate example

Waterman Radial Gates

Waterman Radial Gates are used for economical water control applications, such as: maintenance of water elevations in canals or spillways, increased storage capacity for reservoirs, diversion of water for irrigation, flow control preserving wide, clear waterways and other areas requiring economical water control. An optional feature available is Waterman’s J-Bulb seal. They can be ordered from standard Waterman design, or to custom specifications.

Waterman Radial Gates provide a lightweight economical gate that can be opened and closed with a minimum of effort with manual or electric operation. They can also be ordered for existing locations as replacement gates. 


self reg tide control gate SRT-11

Waterman Self Regulating Tide Gate Valve – SRT

Waterman’s SRT (or Self Regulating Tide Gate) is used in tidal wetlands preservation and restoration. It is typically manufactured of aluminum and painted with anti-fowling paint. Waterman’s SRT restores tidal flushing of marshes without flooding of upland property behind dikes and levees. Once the predetermined high water level is reached, the SRT automatically closes and stays closed during the flood event, thereby protecting the flood prone area. Restored tidal flushing of the wetlands will help restore the estuarine ecosystem; eliminate marsh fires (both dry peat fires and tall reed grass fires), greatly reduce mosquito breeding, reduce sheet-flooding of the marsh; and restore upland drainage through re-scoured marsh channels. Because of the increased tidal prism to the restored wetland, deepening of the downstream channel and improved navigation will result as well.