Actuation & Accessories

norbro 40R

Norbro 40R Series Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators

The Norbro actuator is recognised as the leading name in the quarter turn pneumatic actuator market. Designed for high performance and reliability using the unique guide rod design, it can be used in a wide range of applications.  The actuator is also designed for safety and ease of maintenance using features such as anti-blow out pinion and long end cap screws to release spring energy.  With eleven sizes in the range the torque outut can be closely matched to the required valve torque to provide a competive actuated package.  Email us for more information


Automax SuperNova series

Automax Supernova series Rack and Pinion actuators are designed for butterfly, plug, or ball valves, and offer one compact design for both double acting and spring return configurations. Precision die-cast pistons with large cylinder bearings increases efficiency and cycle life. The actuators incorporate a precision-extruded hard anodized aluminium body and a one piece nitride coated or nickel-plated pinion gear, factory lubricated for a long trouble-free life.  The actuators are designed for 100 degree travel with both clockwise and counter-clockwise travel adjustment for open and closed positions on models up to Size 200  Email us for more information

automax scotch

Automax Heavy-Duty Scotch Yoke series

Automax has a complete line of scotch yoke, heavy-duty rotary actuators, which has a unique bearing design to provide higher efficiencies and longer life.  The Automax R2, R3 and R4 series are the only actuators with precision drawn cup needle bearings at the torque shaft journals.  The bearings significantly increase torque output and cycle life and near frictionless rotary movement.  The R5 series provides torque output as high as 500,000 in-lbs. Email us for more information

motivact actuator

Motivact Scotch Yoke Stainless steel actuators

Available in spring return and double acting configurations.  Up to 9000Nm torque.  Modular design and high visibility indication.  Corrosion resistant as standard with high temp seals and bushes and specially coated springs available for longer service life. 

Suitable for  petrochem, mining, oil and gas, ore processing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, power generation and jet fuel applications.  .  Linear cylinders are also available to suit knife gate and pinch valves.  Email us for more information

bray 92 93

Bray Series 92/93 Pneumatic actuator

Bray Series 92/93 actuators are rack and pinion, opposed-piston actuators available in double-acting and spring-return configurations.  Their ideal use is actuating butterfly, ball or plug valves.  Rotated on low friction acetal bearings, Bray units are well suited to handle offset loads to the gear and output shaft assemblyEmail us for more information

w 75 actuator

Worcester Series 75 Electric actuators

Worcester Series 75 Electric Actuators are used for on/off, throttling, variable cycle and any analog or digital control. One of the most reliable actuators on the market, the Series 75 is lightweight, compact and powerful. Its split phase capacitor AC reversing motor or DC motor drives a valve through a sealed, permanently lubricated gear train which offers lifetime, maintenance-free operation.  Their ability to provide power in both directions through selected arcs from 20 degrees through 300 makes them ideal for control of heating, ventilating and air conditioning duct systems and automatic, remotely operated equipment.  Email us for more information

bray 70

Bray Series 70 Electric Actuators

The R4 is the most compact, lowest profile design of any electric actuator delivering comparable torque output.  This design offers the advantages of greatly reduced space requirements, lighter weight and ease of installation and maintenance.  Email us for more information

bray 73

Bray Series 73 Electric actuators

The Bray R5 rectangular electric actuator for rotary valves delivers highly reliable service at a reduced price.  The R5 delivers high torque in a compact, low-profile design, and offers the advantages of smaller space requirements, lighter weight and ease of installation and maintenanceEmail us for more information

hkc hq

HKC HQ Series Electric actuators

The HQ series electric actuator is specially designed for quarter turn operating applications such as ball, butterfly and plug valves.  Provides high reliability and performance.  Compact and low weight, high-grade aluminum alloy housing.  Hard anodizing on inside & outside and polyester coating on external surface provides high corrosion resistance. Output torque from 80Nm to 3000Nm.  Self locking.  Rugged construction with o-ring system.  Email us for more information


Rotork IQ Series Electric Actuators

The Rotork IQ and IQT range of actuators offers end users ever higher standards of performance, build quality and overall value.  Standard IQ/IQT and variants are suitable for all multi-turn (rotary), quarter-turn and linear valve applications, requiring control and indication flexibility.  Modulating options are available and a wide range of power sources can be accomodated.  Email us for more information

portable electric actuator Em-25-166x300

Waterman Portable Electric Actuator – EM-25

The Waterman EM-25 portable electric actuator is suitable for use with almost any type valve or gate utilizing a multiple turn geared input. The EM-25 features a single phase motor, 110 volt, 60 cycle current and is reversible for easy open-close actuation. An auto guard clutch prevents over torqueing while operating. A 7.5 foot grounding type cord is furnished with the unit along with a torque handle for ease of operation. The EM-25 is mounted on a tripod. Email us for more information. 

Handwheel lift Type-1-1-137x300

Waterman Handwheel Gate Operator – Type 1 Lift

Waterman Type 1 Handwheel lifts are designed for long life and ease of operation. The Type 1 lifts have machined thrust collars in lieu of bearings. All Waterman lifts are available with a variety of handwheel sizes or can be furnished with square nut adapters for non-rising stem applications. Lubrication fittings are furnished as standard on Type 2 and 2N operators and are available as an option on Type 1 units. Email us for more information.